We work together to help clients accomplish, what they set out to do. Each of us is multi-faceted but we tend to develop complimentary pockets of specialisation. That way we always have something left to learn from each other. As a team we understand that there are no final answers but we can help get good answers and there is always something more for us to find out.

Devang Shah
MBA, CFPCM (India & U.S.A.)

Devang founded Right Returns in June 2000. He is an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, amongst the first CFPCM certificants in India and also, as of August 2013, the only CFPCM certified across USA and India. He served the FPSB India as an advisor as well as on its Examination and Certification Committee in its early years. He has also served as Chair of Global Advisory Council of FPA USA.

Devang is fond of cycling and meditation.

Arwa Mukadam
Graduate in Accounting and Finance and Master’s in Commerce

Arwa is the numbers person in our team. While she directly interacts and helps clients, she contributes with her fondness of mathematics by helping everyone with research and investment information management. Arwa is immensely passionate about her work and helps clients to implement and monitor their financial lives by providing pro-active support periodic reviews.

Arwa has completed a summer course in 2007 in Understanding Stock Market Programme by BSE and HSNC board. She is passionate about drawing and painting, travelling, reading, listening to music and learning languages.

Jyoti Dias
Graduate in Arts with a major in History and Sociology

To those who know Right Returns from its early years, Jyoti Dias is an inseparable icon of its existence. She worked for a while in the Shipping industry and steel manufacturing business before joining Right Returns.

Clients and colleagues, in equal measure, feel most comfortable to reach out to Jyoti for any help whatsoever. In addition to directly helping clients, she also looks after banking and HR.

Jyoti enjoys her interactions with people and reading fiction is her favourite past time.

Joshua D’mello
Graduate in Science (St. Xaver’s college) with a major in Physics

The youngest and most recent member of the team, Joshua brings in a lot of high energy and spirit to the team.

Presently he helps out with Reporting and Execution, but there is very little he won’t be willing to learn. So he is often seen helping out with internal office matters as well Investment Research. As he is new to the finance stream he is very fascinated by the diversity in this field and wants to learn more and more.

Joshua loves listening to music,travel,cycle and play Football.

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