We always cherish those relationships the most, which give us freedom and love, without any expectations. But sometimes we ourselves start expecting freedom and love from those relationships, unconsciously recreating that very relationship which we detest!

Oftentimes I see a very very similar thing happening to some clients who primarily go to a Financial Advisor for freedom from having to think about their wealth. As their wealth gets better and better, they worry about losing this well created wealth. And they lose the very freedom that had come to seek from the Financial Advisor i.e. the freedom from worrying about their wealth.

Herein lies the key differentiator between a good advisor and a money manager. The latter’s job is to manage money, faceless money. He is happy to show you his workshop, his processes, his research. The former, on the other hand, has the responsibility to do her job so well, that you can go do your own thing. Advisors are not supposed to be research academicians or teaching faculty. If your advisor is spending substantial time explaining products, markets and research to you, you are both wasting time. Either your advisor is unproductive or she is better at some job, other than being an advisor.

I am not able to stop myself from recounting a beautiful story about a dying King brought to Buddha. The King was shot by an arrow in his chest, inadvertently, by a hunter of his own kingdom. His own subject!! The King had done good deeds all his life and he was very grieved and even angry that something like this could happen to him.

He wanted an answer from Buddha, ‘Why did this happen to me?!’ And he stubbornly refused to let Buddha treat him until he got the explanation.

Buddha asked the King if he wanted to die? ‘Ofcourse not!!’ the King replied in shock. ‘Then let me treat the wound, oh King! My explanations won’t save your Life.’

- Devang Shah

January 1, 2022

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