If Darwin was to be believed, we adapted to our environment and 'evolved' to what we are today. We need to ask, what did we want to adapt to?

It is often that we want things to use, events to happen and people to behave in a particular way. Underlying the excitement of the possibility of getting the 'thing' have you noticed the necessity of the possibility of not getting it? Actually a lot of material wanting would not be any fun if we knew we are going to get it. So the way we want it, we almost always start with the belief or rather the skepticism of being able to fulfill that want. Almost as if we know we are not going get it or that what we want is not going to happen. And I can tell you, that skepticism is truly the safeguard that keeps that thing really from happening.

Does it need to be proved that we must have adapted to the environment that we 'wanted' to adapt to? Our existence is proof that our wants materialize. Not often..... Always. It's not that we are gods. On the contrary. We are human and our actions are driven by our inclinations, our competencies are driven by our wants. Remember "Necessity is the mother of invention"?

I have started noticing cyclists ever since I took up cycling as an exercise. Our minds have selective observation and retention. We notice what we want to notice. But there is always everything happening. Want to find poverty? Want to see opulence? Want to see population explosion? Want to see loneliness? Choose what you 'want' and you will get to see it. We have been doing it all the time. Corrupt officers see everyone as greedy. Gandhiji saw god in everyone. Hitler saw evil in Jews.

It's simple. We see what we want to see. We get what we want. Don't ask why you are not getting what you want. Just observe your skepticism about yours getting what you want. That skepticism is a reality. It's your reality. It's your belief that you are not going to get what you want. And what are our beliefs but our wants materialized.

When we want some'thing' the need that we really are fulfilling is quite different. I want a sports car because I want perfection. I want a big house because I want space. I want money because i don't want to feel helpless. Focusing on the underlying need helps in relieving us of the skepticism. It's more sincere and direct when we acknowledge the real basic need. It then fructifies into reality.

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