Jyoti is a Graduate in Arts with a major in History and Sociology. To those who know Right Returns from its early years, Jyoti Dias is an inseparable icon of its existence. She worked for a short while in the Shipping industry and a steel manufacturing business before joining Right Returns.

Jyoti has quietly worked at assimilating all the changes that the practice has gone through and continues to go through. Being an integral part of Right Returns, she is able to help troubleshoot practically any issue that impacts the smooth functioning of the team or the effective delivery of client service.

Clients and colleagues, in equal measure, feel very comfortable to reach out to Jyoti for any help whatsoever. Jyoti enjoys her interactions with people and listening to music is her favourite past time.

Jyoti’s family includes her parents, who she lives with, and her three brothers living in Middle East, Australia and India.