There are many well known Insurance Companies offering a range of insurance solutions. More so, some of these products are customiseable. Are you confused as to which is the best insurance you should buy? Are you concerned regarding the products you already own? Do you want an independent evaluation of your insurance needs?

We are not affiliated or empanelled with any insurance company. We provide independent advice for a fee.

Consumers prefer to take advice from us to avoid biases that may creep into the advice rendered by insurance salesmen and agents. Insurance, and particularly life insurance, can be expensive and complicated. Consequently a wrong decision can also prove to be expensive.

We believe that paying for advice not biased by sales incentives can result in substantial savings for the consumer. More importantly the correct way of deciding how much insurance you need is best answered in the context of your entire financial picture created by Comprehensive Financial planning i.e your investments, your retirement plan, your children’s education, your taxation, etc.

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