The generation that is currently employed, is going to live a retirement completely different from the kind of retirement earlier generations faced.

For one, expenses are going to be much higher as traveling and pursuit of hobbies in retirement become possible and attractive. Secondly, life spans are increasing, leading to longer in-retirement life. Thirdly, medical expenses are rising dramatically leading to higher potential outflows. And finally, the family structure is changing to one where the elderly would like to be financially independent in their golden years.

Most people like to start creating their retirement fund in their early fifties. But those who start even ten years earlier, increase their wealth creation potential exponentially.

The early birds create their retirement nest with much less effort. This is not just because they have more years to save but also because they can access investments with higher potential return due to their longer time horizon. An important financial advice in investment management is to increase time horizon if you wish to reduce risk.

As your personal financial advisor, we can create a customized plan of action for your retirement irrespective of your age. We can even involve our professional associates and guide you through the process of making a will, setting up trusts and succession & estate planning.

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